We offer a wide range of gunsmithing     services for our customers .

 Orders by request only at this time.

 Order by request only at this time.


 Orders by request only at this time.
At Coyote Creek Firearms the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! With our wide range of products and services, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for and if there is something you are looking for that we do not have in stock we can order that special item your looking for.

 Ask us about our ems, fire, military, and police discounts.

Also here at Coyote Creek Firearms we alway support our troops.

        Keep an eye out here for our monthly specials. This months special

        March 15, 2014 thru April 30,2014
        Hunters now that the hunting seasons are over and everyone else that needs a firearm                           cleaning come in for this months special for a standard gun cleaning for $15.00 dollars a firearm               and if you bring in more than two firearms the price drops down to $10.00 dollars a firearm.


   This section we are going to put up five fun facts about a different firearm each month .
   So lets beginning this month we will look at the 1911

   Fact 1. The 1911 was  designed by  John  Browning.
   Fact 2. The 1911 served as the US Armed Forces sidearm from 1911 to 1985.
   Fact 3. By the beginning of 1917 a total of 68,533 M1911 pistols had been delivered to the U.S. Armed                  Forces by Colt and the U.S. Government 's Springfield Armory.
   Fact 4. The 1911 is chambered in .45 ACP,  .38 Super, 9mm, 7.65mm, 9mm Steyr, .400 Carbon.
   Fact 5. Some companies that make a custom models include: Magnum Research, Springfield Custom        Shop, Ed Brown,STI International, Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat,Les Baer, Uselton Arms, UA        Arms, and Astra Arms in Switzerland and many others.

   Facts pulled  from Wikipedia website.
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